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Winning Courtroom Behaviour

etiquette word in letterpress typeThe attitude and demeanor of a lawyer in the courtroom when defending a client, is very important all through the trials and sentencing of his or her client. The lawyer should behave in good way to portray a good public image to the judge and to his clients. This comes along with various including efficiency and convenience during the proceedings. In addition, the lawyer will display a positive public image which is likely to attract more clients and increase the number of referrals. The following are some courtroom etiquette tips that a defendant lawyer may utilize to behave well.

Arrive early

A defendant lawyer is expected to plan early and probably arrive at the suitable courtroom about thirty minutes earlier. The thirty minutes will let you familiarize with the environment and meet your client and assure him all will be well. On the other hand, judges don’t like lawyers who came later since there is specific time set for each proceeding. All judges consider lateness as indicator of impoliteness and irresponsibility. Some may even it take as a transgression and take your client to custody, which is not very healthy for the client and career life of the lawyer.


A good attitude is a clear indication that you respect the court. Respond to the all the questions asked by the judge in a confident, loud and clear voice. Refer to the judge as your honor’ to show politeness. Stand like all the other people in the courtroom when the judge leaves or enters and wait for him to tell you sit down. Respect everyone else in the room, especially to the plaintiff when examining him since lack of respect is not tolerated.

Address the judge

Make all your presentations directly to the judge since he is the one making the final decision concerning the case of your client. Present all the evidence or testimonies that you may have to him, and maintain a good eye contact with him.

Dress well

The first impression means a lot and there is no chance to correct an altered impression. Your courtroom attire portrays your respect and attitude towards the judge and court. You may wear suits if you are used to wear them to work and be alert. Make sure there is no facial jewelry for men or visible tattoos. Good grooming and formality of dressing will make you feel more confident and respond warmly to any intimidation by the prosecutor.

Don’t interrupt

Interruptions are signs of lack of etiquette and they are healthy for any conversation. Don’t interrupt anyone in the court no matter whether he or she is a witness, plaintiff or court official. It is even worse if you interrupt the judge or the prosecutor since the judge listens and gives each party a chance to cross examine one another.

Switch off your phone

It is always advisable for everyone in the court room to switch off their phone to avoid unnecessary disturbance. If you have to leave your phone on, be sure to use the vibration or silent mode.

Tactics for a Successful Defense of a Criminal Case

successful defenseIt is not unusual for individuals facing criminal trials to feel an array of tumultuous emotions, including sadness and fright. Surely, this is one of the most challenging periods you will deal with during your life. It is crucial to speak to your criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible after the charges are filed. In having this conversation quickly, you will still clearly recall all of the events surrounding the crime of which you are accused and can talk to your lawyer logically and coherently.

After your attorney understands the evidence against you and what really occurred, he or she will start forming a criminal defense technique to be used during your trial. Trials are often won or lost based solely on the strategy the defense selects. Below, you will find a list of common criminal defense strategies.

1. If you have admitted to the crime, there will not be a jury trial. Under these circumstances, the purpose of a criminal defense attorney is to get the defendant the least harsh sentence possible. The defense attorney, for instance, might attempt to get the defendant a plea bargain deal by working something out with the prosecution.

2. Attempting to prove that the defendant has a legitimate alibi is an extremely prevalent criminal defense technique. To effectively utilize this technique, you must have at least one witness who, while under oath, will testify that you were somewhere else when the crime in question was committed. The defense can also bring other evidence proving your location into the trial. For instance, photographs with a time stamp are excellent evidence in an alibi case.

3. In most states in America, your defense attorney can opt to enter the insanity plea. This defense, though, is extremely difficult to use effectively. There will also be more things to prepare for the trial than with other defense techniques. For instance, you will have to be assessed by a variety of psychiatrists appointed by the court. It can take months for this component to be completed.

Then, each psychiatrist will need to testify that you are, indeed, suffering from insanity. Frequently, this technique is not effective since the defense must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant was not aware of the difference between right and wrong at the time of the crime. See sex crime lawyer. This is extremely difficult to do, especially if one or more of the psychiatrists does not agree that the defendant is insane.

4. The criminal defense of self-defense is also used quite frequently. These cases require the defense attorney to prove that his or her client was facing an immediate threat to his or her life. See Attorney Boston. If the defense attorney is able to prove that the accused was actually facing life threatening harm, the defense frequently prevails in these trials.

The goal of a lawyer is to present the strongest and most believable version for his or her side in order to have charges dropped or reduced. Here are some things to think about:

- The prosecution: The prosecution’s version is the police’s side of the story. A prosecutor’s job is to make a judge and jury believe that the accused did, in fact, commit the offense. This lawyer will gather evidence and witnesses to support the view that the person being tried is guilty. The defending professional must do the task of debunking the prosecutors’ evidence. He or she will cross-examine witnesses and attempt to make evidence appear inaccurate.

- Reasonable doubt: Even if a person is guilty, his or her lawyer may make jurors question it. If the entire case is presented and it seems like the accused may have done the illegal deed, but there’s some doubt about it, a conviction cannot be obtained. A person’s guiltiness must be proved without a shadow of a doubt or they are considered to be innocent.

  • Police mishandling: One tactic to discredit the prosecution’s charges against a client is to find mistakes in the way law enforcement officials handled the arrest. The arrest records will be gone over with a fine toothed comb in order to discover details of mishandling.
  • Incompetent witnesses: Discrediting a witness’s testimony is another way that a cloud of doubt can be thrown over the case. If a witness is made to look incompetent, dishonest or in some way displaying weaknesses in his or her story, this can make judge and jurors not believe his or her testimony. This is true of expert witnesses as well as the average citizen who was around during the supposed crime.
  • Bribery: If any sort of bribing behavior has occurred between the legal representatives and witnesses, this can throw the case over to the other side. Bribery during a court proceeding is illegal.
  • Private detectives: Attorneys frequently hire private detectives to go through paper trails, witness accounts and other information in order to find hints and clues to support one side or the other.
  • Assertive speaking skills: One of the most powerful tools in a legal representative’s toolbox is their own speech making abilities. Debate team orators turn into savvy courtroom persuaders. With a natural ability to connect with the jurors and sway them with a dramatic argument, a lawyer will win more often.

Strategies devised for criminal defense are very important when an attorney is trying a case for his or her client. Savvy orating skills are also quite crucial in persuading the courtroom decision-makers of an accused individuals’ innocence.

The Hazardous Life Of a Toxic Tort Lawyer

Toxic Tort BiohazardA toxic tort lawyer is a special professional in the field of law that has the knowledge of dealing with chemical related claims. A toxic tort is legal claim by the plaintiff caused by the exposure to a dangerous substance. These claims are very common in the industrial areas where people are working with the different chemical. If these chemicals happen to leak and cause harm to persons, then they have the right to complain in the court of law and get compensated. This is where they require this lawyer who is specialised in these legal matters to help them out.

This claim can be presented by one person or a group of workers in what is legally known as the class action lawsuit. Also it is possible for community to come out and complain if they have been exposed to dangerous chemical. This will still fall in the same category of class action lawsuit. This shows that these cases are very diverse but a toxic tort lawyer should have the capacity to deal with any of them. Experience is also a very important factor in any case and therefore many years in this work will count a lot.

To be a toxic tort lawyer, first you must have the basics of legal knowledge from the school of law. From there you will have to specialize with this area of chemical and toxins. This will guide you on the approach with which to start every case. This is because even if the cases are categorized as the same they are very different and each case requires a unique approach. This is why you need to have a good knowledge of all the chemical categories and also their application and safety measures. From this you will be in a position to know the potential of the case at hand and if it stands a chance to be successful.

Like any other cases, toxic tort is no difference to the lawyer. The main aim of lawyer is to make sure that the client whether the defendant or the plaintiff has won the case. The very import part of the case is proving the causation to the court. This is what makes or break the case. You must research on your case thorough to produce very strong evidence at the court of law. It is important to incorporate medical experts while compiling this evidence. You must convince the judge that the causation is the chemical in question for the plaintiff to be compensated. It can also be the vice versa for defendant’s lawyer.

Being a toxic tort lawyer is one of the best law fields but at the same it can be very difficult. These cases are very unique and thus one should be very flexible to accommodate all of them. Experience is very important and also it is wise advance more in education as you gain experience. The worst thing that can happen to any lawyer is being caught off guard and thus it is important to have all the information from your client while compiling your case for smooth court battle.

The Role Of An Immigration Attorney


Immigration laws are different in every country, and they also depend on the political situation of an era. These laws can change quickly. They can be deeply exclusive or widely inclusive, or anything in between. Living and working in the United States is still the ultimate goal of many, but the process of obtaining a job there, as well as the citizenship, may take a while. The immigration laws in the United States have become more complex after the 9/11 events and immigrants raise more concern than they have earlier. As the process is more complex, many immigrants or businesses who wish to employ them are seeking help from immigration lawyers

Immmigration Attorney

Immigration lawyers are highly specialized law practitioners with a very thorough understanding of law in general, who also have a good grasp of the areas of immigration, employment and citizenship. Being an immigration lawyer is quite fulfilling, as they assist their clients in getting the citizenship they dream about.

Immigration lawyers have many duties. They work in court and outside of it, and they represent both individuals and businesses. There are many processes an immigration case must go through, and all of them are complex. There are also certain deadlines that have to be met, so an immigration lawyer must be highly organized and an expert in the field. Immigration lawyers handle employment-based immigrant visas, which are always in high demand. They are of assistance to foreign companies who wish to legally establish themselves in the US. They also help their clients in acquiring US citizenship, and they also help those who wish to avoid deportation. They handle all the green card paperwork as well, and they also help those who seek political asylum or who wish to obtain a refugee status.

An immigration lawyer is only as good as his patience – some processes (obtaining a green card, for instance) may take years. Interpersonal and communication skills are also welcome, as the lawyer will constantly be in contact with clients who may have different cultural backgrounds. Analytical and research skills are also a good asset – every case will require both. As many immigrants don’t speak English that properly, knowing another language will help the lawyer.

A successful immigration lawyer will easily prepare applications, petitions, coach his clients through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services interview and resolve any issues with green cards or visas. He will deal with issues of illegal immigration as well and try to help illegal immigrants gain legal status. Some immigration lawyers work pro bono or for a reduced fee, so they are available to anyone who may be in need of their expertise.

The legal field immigration lawyers are working in is constantly changing and evolving, so it’s important to keep up to date with laws and regulations. As the field is evolving constantly, it’s also quite demanding. Even though working as an immigration lawyer is fulfilling, it’s may also be exhausting, as the working hours are often irregular and building a case may include long office hours.

Being a Divorce Lawyer

Almost 50% of marriages in the US end up in divorce. From the sixties up until now, the divorce rate has almost doubled. Earlier, in order to get a divorce, a wrongdoing by either party was required. If there was no breach of the marital contract, it was hard to get a divorce. A lot has changed since then, and today, there is no need for evidence of breach of the contract. If either party wants a divorce, they can have it – this kind of divorce is known as no-fault divorce.

Divorce LawyerIn the US, the divorce process is regulated through state laws. As divorce is quite difficult and often includes life changing decisions and quite strong emotions, a lawyer who specialized in the field must be able handle the case delicately but also be just. Good divorce lawyers must remain non-judgmental as they will promote the best interest of their clients, and their interpersonal skills must be good as well. There are many family law issues that arise from a divorce, the most common one being child custody, child support and visitation rights.

A divorce lawyer will also have to divide any debt between spouses, as well as assets. The hardest part the lawyer will have to negotiate is child custody. In order to gather evidence, each case requires a lot of thorough research. Depending on the way the divorce was filed, finalization may take from three to twelve months. A no-fault divorce doesn’t take as long as fault divorce, and uncontested divorce finalization is shorter than a contested divorce. The period depends on how many issues need to be resolved and how much conflict there is to settle.

Choosing a divorce lawyer may not be as easy, as there are many of them. Choosing the right lawyer is important as you will have to rely on his expertise when it comes to making the right decisions about the divorce. Dealing with a variety of complex relationships is hard without having proper skills. The lawyer must be able to find alternative resolutions, he must be able to advocate his client’s needs and mediate between spouses. A lawyer who is certified in family law is a good pick. A trial record and court success history is a good indication of how good the lawyer is. A lawyer who is familiar with the local judges is also not a bad idea.

One issue that is very common among divorce lawyers are financial misunderstandings. Such disagreements may cost you thousands of dollars. This issue at hand is quite complex –many divorce settlements are about financial calculations and lawyers don’t have the know-how to make those, as most of times they are quite complicated, especially when it comes to shared assets or debts. This is why they advise their clients to hire a financial professional, but some clients don’t want to do so, and this is where settlement mistakes most commonly happen.

Going through a divorce takes a person onto an emotional rollercoaster. Some lawyers may let their clients vent, but they will not, and more importantly, they cannot offer professional help when it comes to emotional issues. Nobody should expect that from them. They won’t ignore their clients’ emotional state, but they aren’t a good shoulder to cry on.